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The destruction in New York, Washington DC, & Somerset County PA, has stunned, shocked, and saddened our community.  Our community is also saddened by the prejudice and hatred engendered in some people as a reaction to the destruction.  We present the following resources both magical and otherwise to aid in building a world of peace, joy and love; beauty, balance, and delight.

As we are a community of diverse individuals, you will find viewpoints in this memorial which reflect that diversity. Within our magical community, we are always working to 'agree to disagree' while continuing to support each other as human beings. As the Reclaiming Principles of Unity state, "Each of us embodies the divine. Our ultimate spiritual authority is within, and we need no other person to interpret the sacred to us. We foster the questioning attitude, and honor intellectual, spiritual and creative freedom."

We encourage you to read what calls to you. Allow yourself to examine your own predispositions and thoughts. Keep the beliefs that work for you, refine and modify those that do not. This is how we learn. Our goal is always respect--for ourselves and others.

Dumuzi Speaks to me in a Dream

Hello there, Welcome! I am Dumuzi, the Shepherd, the King-Priest, mortal husband of Inanna, and I've come to set the record straight about myself and my Lady.

You all think you know me. It's so easy to pigeon hole me. I'm the archetype of the proud, overly hormonal, power-hungry male, right? I've heard it in the way you talk about me. And I won't tell you it's not sometimes true, but there's more, so much more, that you need to understand. Especially now.

First off, I was a mortal, born of a royal line, sure, but born none the less. You all know the story of my birth, though it's been shifted and transformed through five thousand years of re-telling. My mother was a sacred priestess, a mortal queen. She joined with the Land / the Divine king-priest, and thus I was born...in the dark of the year...at Winter solstice...in a sheepfold...laying in a manger...under the brightest star in the heavens. The greatest astronomer clerics of our day foretold of my birth, and gathered to honor, and give gifts, and celebrate their new Lord. Is any of this sounding familiar to you yet?

Don't get me wrong now, these were not lowly surroundings that Mom was forced into because the Motel 6 was full. Back in our day, the Ziggurat, the Temple, was also the storehouse, the sheepfold, the stronghold, and the womb of the Great Mother. The sacred and the mundane weren't so neatly divided into separate boxes back then. A city needed great fortress temples, to protect its most valuable resources: the people, the grain and seed, the livestock. The farmer and the shepherd were not simply job titles, for without us both, all would starve.

I was raised to be a good king, a good shepherd to my people. To listen to them and watch over them, to intercede on their behalf with the Gods, to lead them and assure their safety in times of trouble, to make and enforce the law. You know me. I am the Emperor. I am the Hierophant. Back then, we didn't separate the two. We were Priest-Kings. Never the less, when I came of age, and the time came to marry the Land, to joint with the sacred Great One, the Beloved, the awesome, ecstatic, terrifying glory of Inanna overwhelmed me. I wondered, am I worthy? I doubted, am I the one? Perhaps this honor, this responsibility, this sacred duty should be passed to another? But no, I was literally born and bred for this moment of union. So I got on my best duds, and I went to court her. But She didn't even want to see me. I had been raised from birth to join with Her, since my conception, the intent of my life was to join with the Goddess and thus assure the prosperity and safety of my people...and She didn't want me. I was mortal, I smelled like the sheep of Her flock, She would rather stick with what She knew, Her divine brother, Utu, the Farmer. I had to fight, to cajole, to seduce, to shower her with gifts, to get Her to notice me, and then to want me. But you know what? She was worth it! I couldn't walk right for a week if you get my drift! And the land, the people were rejoicing, prosperous, bountiful, green, and full of life. And I thought, all right! I've fulfilled my destiny! My people will be well fed, well cared, now and forever! Being mortal, you make these kinds of errors in judgement. Seems you just can't help it.

Everything was perfect as far as I was concerned. I saw no earthly reason to change. But Inanna became restless. She needed more. She needed something, something I couldn't provide. She got moody. She got angry. She said it was a female deity thing and I wouldn't understand. "Fine!", I said. "You go and do your "thing", and I'll stay here. Someone has to lead the people, and make the laws, and settle the disputes, and feed the poor, and till the fields, and tend the sheep!" I was angry and hurt, you understand. It was like She didn't care about us, Her people, anymore. But I was stubborn and proud too, and I took Her for granted. Never take a woman for granted-and if She's a Goddess-watch out!

You've got to understand this. She didn't tell me She was going to do something so dangerous. Maybe if I'd tried harder to listen and understand, I might have seen it coming. But She was The Goddess, The Queen of Heaven and Earth! Who knew that even She could die. So I went on, telling myself I was taking care of important matters, and I forgot to notice that She was gone, until it was too late.

You know the rest, Her decent into the Underworld, Her imprisonment and death. Her faithful maid servant wailing at the gates of Heaven until the great God interceded to save her. And Her righteous anger at me, for being clueless. I was busy being "Mr. Business as Usual" during all of this. So I fled. I ran and tried to hide. Of course I ran! You are mortal. When the unspeakable beasts of the Underworld start chasing your ass down, believe me, you run! But, of course, it did no good. You see, sacrifice is also the destiny of the King. I realized it, but I couldn't help but wish it weren't so. I begged in the garden that this duty, this bitter cup to swallow, be taken from me. I wept and tore my hair in fear. What was to become of me? What was to become of my people, my flock? How was I to aid, to tend, to justly rule from beyond the veil? All seemed lost to me.

It was my sister who saved me, at least as well as she could. She takes my place in the Underworld for half of each year. And to this day, we dance the cycle of death and rebirth, joy and sorrow, the waxing and waning of the seasons together.

But here's the thing you must understand to understand me. I was wrong about the Underworld. I am still the Good Shepherd here. I serve my people as well in death as I do in life. You know my prayer, even now, 5000 years after it was first spoken. Much of the rest of my story and been distorted, but my prayer remains whole and unchanged. You can read it in Cuneiform and Sanskrit, on clay tablets from my temples. Translated from Sumarian to Aramaic, Aramaic to Hebrew, Hebrew to Latin, Latin to English, and every other modern language of the world. And so now, you know me. So be comforted, my people, and pray.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.
He leadeth me beside the Still waters
He restoreth my soul.
And though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death
I shall fear no evil.
Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table in my presence
Thou annointest my head with oil.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,
And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Blessed be. Dare to live in beauty, balance, and delight. And when you are done, don't be afraid to come home. You are my people and I have great love for you. Dumuzi

(Who came to Claudia Manifest in a dream 2 years ago at Spiral Heart Witchcamp, and gave me this piece as a whole. It took me 20 minutes to write it all down, exactly as is except for spelling and punctuation, in my journal at 5:15 AM on that Tuesday at camp. I shared it that week at the Talent Show, and I've been told it's time for me to share it again. **BB** Claudia)